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Do you need top-quality, well-researched, entertaining quiz material to tease and challenge your intellect? If so, then Mind Marathon is your one stop solution.
Presenting for the first time in India Mind Marathon Quiz Competition, an Excellent site, offering plenty of quiz questions from a wide set of categories.
Mind Marathon has created hundreds of fun and interesting quizzes. Whether you are a trivia nut, want to expand your horizons, or want to test your preparation.
Minimalistic design but nonetheless Mind Marathon offers an extensive range of quiz questions about various categories.
Focusing on educational quizzes and tests, Mind Marathon contains more extensive questions, requiring some level of reasoning. This is useful in a learning environment or when assessing candidates during the recruitment process
With Above 9 lac objective type questions which cover over 700 types of test, Mind Marathon will help in succinct and interactive learning and will cover virtually every topic imaginable: Geography, History, Sports, Music, TV and more!
Come on in and hunker down for the long haul.